Gadget and Tech dude, amateur photographer once in a while. Interrested in new gadgets, music, series and movies. IT educated. 20+ years as a windows developer. These days (pushing 60) more administration and general stuff.

Music is important. When i was 15 i received a Philips Mono Cassett Player. Then I bought “In Rock” with Deep Purple. I still listen to them from time to time.

I still have a lot (700+) of LP’s. All my CD’s are ripped and they are gone. Just collected dust.

Due to 35 years with back problem, i try excercise every week. I have done a lot throught the Years: Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Judo, Ju-Jutsi, Bicycling, Horse back riding and Alpin skiing. These days (when pushing 60) I mostly walk a lot.

I love good food and something in the glass. Have had a passion for Single Malt Whiskey for a long time.

I also like travelling. Mostly Europe and the States. But also Thailand. I tend to say that I have been “too much” in the US. It’s a nice country for holidays. And I love the “Cowboy” Culture. Have visited approx 29 states and driven approx 17.000 Kilometers. If I had planned all this I should have been able to cover more!

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